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Image of Self Upload [BR]

Support Department posted this on May 25, 2018

The applicant will be directed to the second part of the application after the payment has been successfully received. This is where the applicant will upload the image of self.

Important: Image must comply with the following specifications. Failure to comply will result in delays.

  • Photo of Self Instructions
  • * Find a plain white background (white or light in color wall - do not use a door).
  • * Use a phone with high quality camera to capture the image.
  • * Face must be centralized on the image.
  • * Shoulders square and visible (all shoulders must be visible)
  • * Open eyes looking at the camera.
  • * Ears must be visible.
  • * Mouth closed.
  • * No shadows.
  • * No glasses.
  • * Image must be sharp (high in quality).

Samples of NOT ACCEPTED Photo of Self

Too close


Ink marked / greased

Looking away

Unnatural skin tones

Too dark

Too light

Washed out colour


Hair accross eyes

Eyes closed

Portrait style

Eyes tilted

Busy background

Not centered

Flash reflection on skin


Shadow behind head

Shadow across face

Dark tinted lenses

Flash reflection on lenses

Frames too heavy

Frames covering eyes

Wearing a hat
** Reference: Photograph Guidelines, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) **