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Advantages of applying for Brazil Visa Online [BR]
Support Department Feb 21, 2018

By applying online you do not have to visit the consulate. ...

Cost of the Brazil eVisa [BR]
Support Department Feb 21, 2018

Total Cost: 117.00 USD per applicant...

Retrieving a lost document [BR]
Support Department Feb 21, 2018

If your eVisa has been approved and you used our system to lodge the application, you can retrieve a copy of the document by accessing the email used on the application. The approval email is titled "eVisa Approved - Ref. [applicant reference number]". It will attached as a .PDF file. ...

Not receiving any communication from us [BR]
Support Department Feb 21, 2018

If you are not receiving emails from us, please check your spam folder in your email account. If no emails from us are found, please open a support ticket here. Make sure you use a valid email address....

Delivery of Brazil eVisa document [BR]
Support Department Feb 21, 2018

Once the application has been successfully processed and approved by the appropriate authorities, the document will be delivered to the email on file as a .PDF file....

Validity of the eVisa [BR]
Support Department Feb 21, 2018

Type: eVisaEntry: Multiple Maximum Duration of Stay: up to 90 daysValidity: 2 years from date of issue Purpose: Tourism, Business, Seminars/Conference, Voluntary, Sports, Medical, Scientific Program, Research and Cultural....

Length of Processing [BR]
Support Department May 24, 2018

Processing of the eVisa can take up to 3 business days....

Allowed activities with the eVisa [BR]
Support Department May 25, 2018

The eVisa has several sub-categories the applicant will be able to choose from when filling out the application....

How to apply for Brazil Visa instructions [BR]
Support Department Jan 17, 2019

The applicant will need to apply here to initiate the application. Information provided includes: Name (Last Name/Surname and First Name/Given Name), Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality and some Security question will need to be answered....

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9 Item(s)