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Additional documents for a minor's application [BR]

Support Department posted this on Feb 21, 2018

If the applicant is minor, (under the age of 18) then the applicant will have to upload additional documents that are required by the Ministry.

The applicant will select 

If the applicant selects both parents, one and parent two, then he will have to upload the bio page and the photo of both the parents and authorization letter signed by both parents. If the applicant selects either one of the parents or a legal guardian, then he will have to upload any valid document that demonstrating why only one parent or one legal guardian is authorizing and not both along with bio page and photo.

Documents needed:

Minor Authorization Form signed by both parents / legal guardian.
Parent 1 / legal guardian 1, passport bio page
Parent 2 / legal guardian 1, passport bio page
Photo of Parent 1 / legal guardian 1
Photo of Parent 2 / legal guardian 2

If only 1 parent, supporting docs for why only 1 parent (e.g. authorization form for parent 2 stating parent 1 , death certificate, birth certificate please note: Canadian nationals are requested to provide the LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE for minor applicants. The names of both the parents should be visible on the certificate, single parent custody legal document etc.)

You can download the authorization letter here