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Frequently Asked Questions


The eVisa is being terminated starting June 17, 2019 for all United States, Canadian, Australian, and Japanese citizens. All that will be needed to enter Brazil (90 days maximum stay) once its terminated, will be a valid passport. If you entering Brazil prior to June 17, 2019, an eVisa will be needed.

Unfortunately refunds will not be granted for anyone that has applied for an application regardless if their arrival date is after the termination date.

By applying online you do not have to visit the consulate.

You can submit all the required documents, information and pay for visa fees online. If your visa application is approved, you will receive visa copy via email as a .PDF file.

Total Cost: 117.00 USD per applicant

This includes visa fee and processing fee. The total cost applies for United States, Canadian, Australian, and Japanese nationals.

If your eVisa has been approved and you used our system to lodge the application, you can retrieve a copy of the document by accessing the email used on the application. The approval email is titled "eVisa Approved - Ref. [applicant reference number]". It will attached as a .PDF file.

If you are still unable to retrieve the document, please contact us.

Once the application has been successfully processed and approved by the appropriate authorities, the document will be delivered to the email on file as a .PDF file.

Type: eVisa
Entry: Multiple
Maximum Duration of Stay: up to 90 days
Validity: 2 years from date of issue
Purpose: Tourism, Business, Seminars/Conference, Voluntary, Sports, Medical, Scientific Program, Research and Cultural.

Processing of the eVisa can take up to 3 business days.

This mainly depends on the Image of Self and Passport Image submitted falling within listed specifications. Both images have to be within the Ministries guidelines. Details regarding the specifications can be found on the second part of the application.

If image(s) submitted do not meet the specifications, an email will be sent out requesting new image(s).

Once the image(s) fall within the specifications, processing usually takes 2-5 business days. However, it can take up to 10 business days in some cases.

Important: "Length of Processing" begins after the applicant has finalized Part 2 (which includes submitting per specifications images).

The eVisa has several sub-categories the applicant will be able to choose from when filling out the application.


  • Tourism - Sightseeing, recreation, informative and visiting family/friends.
  • Business - Attend business meeting, trade fairs, business events, potential commercial opportunities, consult, audit or sign contracts. Visitor may not work for pay.
  • Transit - A person which needs to enter Brazil territory in order to reach their final destination. However, eVisa is not needed if, (1) Person(s) stay within the designated transit area at the airport in Brazil and (2) holds a single air ticket.
  • Journalism - Participate in journalism activities.
  • Sports Activities - Short-term sports activities. Ex: Sports competitions. Stay cannot exceed 90 days.
  • Artistic Activities - Participate in artistic activities and competitions.
  • Seminars or Conferences - Conferences, seminars, or congresses. Visitor cannot be paid for the activities. However, visitor may be reimbursed for expenses which include, but not limited to, stay, transport, an/or food.
  • Cultural Program - Cultural Activities.
  • Scientific Program - Scientific research and scientific cooperation activities. Stay cannot exceed 90 days.
  • Research Activities - Academic extension activities. Stay cannot exceed 90 days.
  • Studies - Teaching, learning and/or supervised internships.
  • Crew member - Aircraft or vessel crew member. Exception: Visitor presents a valid international seafarer card issued under the terms of the Convention of the International Organization Labour (ILO).
  • Voluntary Activities - Volunteer work. Stay cannot exceed 90 days.
  • FiancĂ©(e) or spouse of a Brazilian citizen - Visit Brazilian spouse or Brazilian family.
  • Short Term Medical Treatment - Short term medical or therapeutic treatment. Stay cannot exceed 90 days. Visitor must have enough resources for the duration of stay. Must have health insurance valid in the national territory or certificate of provision of health service provided in an international agreement.

If your application is rejected, you will need to apply for a regular visa at the consulate.

The eVisa fees are non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever.