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As of January 25 2018, citizens from eligible nations who wish to visit Brazil are able to apply for an Electronic Visa (eVisa). The benefit is aimed at streamlining the visa application process. Applicants will no longer need to visit the consulate or make appointment with an officer. The entire process is done exclusively online. Once approved, the eVisa document will be delivered via email as a .pdf file. You can apply for the eVisa if you intend to go to Brazil as a visitor (see permitted activities below). Processing: up to 3 business days.



Complete Online Application

Step One

After the application is finalized, the eVisa application will be reviewed and submitted to the Ministry for approval.

Receive eVisa Document

Step Two

After the application is approved, the applicant will receive the Visa information via e-mail. Print and store with other travel documents.

Arrival in Brazil

Step Three

On entry to Brazil, visitor will need to present a printout of the approved eVisa. Stay cannot exceed 90 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

Brazil does not grant foreign citizens visas on arrival. A valid visa needs to be obtained before arrival in the county to avoid being denied entry.

Once approved, the document will be delivered via email. Once the document is received, you will need to print the eVisa and keep with your travel documents.

All ports are available for entry with the eVIsa.

Requirements for travel to Brazil on a short term e-Visa

1. Your passport needs to have at least six months’ validity from the date of arrival to Brazil. Your passport needs to have at least two blank pages required for stamping by the Immigration Officer.
2. You need to have a return ticket or ticket of your onward visit and sufficient money to support your stay in Brazil.
3. Once eVisa is approved, document must be printed as it will need to be presented at the airport and again upon arrival in Brazil.
4. Not available for people with an active Brazilian citizenship (dual citizenship).